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OSBA The Law & You Part V Torts

A tort is the violation of a legal responsibility when that violation directly causes injury to a person’s body, property or rights. Both the law of torts and criminal law deal with socially unacceptable conduct; however, torts and crimes are brought to court for different purposes, by different people, and they are handled by the courts using different rules....

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How Can We Help You Start and Maintain Your Small Business?

OSBA Laws You Can Use PartVII

Children learn about business transactions when they set up their first lemonade stands or do chores for an allowance, but they likely will not appreciate the pervasiveness of business transactions until they grow up and begin to manage their own lives. At this point, it becomes important for them to have a basic understanding of business law....

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Religious Freedom vs. Government Regulation

Thomas D White

Many readers of this column experience the tremendous religious freedom that we have in America. In addition to worshiping where and how we like, many also enjoy exemptions from civic duties such as mandatory school attendance after 8th grade, jury service, worker’s compensation and other government requirements. Although we all do have to pay taxes!...

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