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Author: Christopher M. White

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Are you ready to get lucky?

When you think the small things can be skipped, when there are projects that keep being kicked down the road, when you are frustrated with the way that strategy and operations require intentionality, remember that these are part of the development of your skills, your focus, your hard work, and your determination. They will make you ready for not just the everyday opportunities, but also for when it is your “lucky day”....

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Embedding Culture

For more than 5 years we have been building the cultural touchstones of our business. For most of that time, those touchstones came from the ownership down to our team. But something changed in 2017. At first, it was a comment here and there, then it grew into discussions, and, as I found out last week at our 4th quarter meeting, our cultural touchstones are a now firmly held beliefs about who we are and how we act as a team and business....

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White Law Office

While Einstein proved that it is relative, based upon our perspective and proximity to the speed of light, it continues to move forward. Never in reverse for us. The moments that were, are written down. The moments yet to be, are yet to be written. The moment that is, that is the moment that dominates our existence....

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September 2017 White Papers

For many small business owners, talking about accounts receivable is about as much fun as being stuck in a traffic jam on vacation. Although there are a few brave souls who truly enjoy collecting past due invoices, for many, it is simply a part of doing business that they would rather avoid. Because collecting past due invoices is not on most people’s list on how to have a good time, many business owners take the following approach...

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Values That Drive Us

White Law Office, Co. just completed its fifth annual small business conference on Thursday, July 20, 2017. This event shattered our previous attendance record with over 90 participants during the afternoon conference and over 130 attendees for the evening meal. The Keynote address was delivered by Dr. John Stahl-Wert of the Newton Institute and author of “The Serving Leader” after the evening meal. In 7 short hours participants were able to participate in their choices of six of the eight sessions, network with various resources providers, and hear from an internationally respected voice on creating a culture of servant leadership....

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