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Author: Jaime White

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Your Company Needs a Handbook

Small Businesses are great! I try to shop small businesses and support the local economy as much as I can. I also love the personality of small businesses. They tend to be casual, friendly, and fun. So, when you start talking to them about handbooks, they tend to be apprehensive about adding them to their business. Handbooks feel restraining, unfriendly, and stuffy. In the several years that I have done HR, I have realized that the opposite is true. Handbooks offer freedom within the company. Handbooks set the expectations set forth for the company (this is how we do things here.) Handbooks set the direction or the mission...

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Is a Carrot and a Stick the Best Way to Motivate Employees?

I’ve often thought that in order to motivate people into doing the behavior you want, the most effective way to do that is by hanging a giant carrot from a stick and say, “go for it!” However, after quite a bit of research, I am learning that is not always the case.  According to Daniel Pink and his mass amounts of social studies, a carrot and a stick works for people who push a button or turn a crank. But for people whose jobs require even a little critical thinking, a carrot and a stick not only doesn’t work but it can even...

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Your “YES” Also Means “NO”

Let’s talk about one of the hardest problems that Americans face today. What is it? Taking on a healthy approach to life.  Some people call it work/life balance. That is a farce and I’ll explain why.  Let’s begin by talking about your “yes”.  When a person says “yes” to something they are automatically saying “no” to something else.  If you say “yes” to work you are also saying “no” to family, rest time, hobbies, etc.  If you say “yes” to family, you may be saying “no” to sports, community activities, and work.  You get the gist.  Your “yes” also means “no”.  Many American’s feel like they need...

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An Inside Look at the Beginnings of White Law Office, Co.

It was 11 years ago that my husband and I decided that he would be going to law school.  At the time we were both Christian school teachers in Lancaster, Ohio and believed that this was the right path forward.  The consequences of this decision were that we would need to move, sell a house at the beginning of the housing recession, and find a way to pay the bills while going to law school.  This was an overwhelming and monumental decision.  Truly believing that this was things to do, we made the decision to move forward with no firm plan in place.  Shortly following this decision, we found...

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As an employer, are you communicating your expectations to your employees? Are you having honest conversations over what you need from them the first week you hire them and throughout their employment with your company? Are you setting boundaries with them about what is acceptable in your workplace and not acceptable? Have you thought enough about what those boundaries are to communicate that to new hires? ...

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Figure It Out

We have been exploring the word "mentoring" but for the purposes of this article, I would like the word "Coaching" instead. To me, mentoring implies one person, probably someone who has been doing the job for many years and is overseeing every aspect of a person's job. But coaching has another view for me. If you look at a coach or a teacher they go through a process of working with a student or team....

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