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Author: Marianne Smithberger

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A Day in the Life of an Attorney

A day in my life is nothing like what you've seen on Law and Order, How to Get Away with Murder, or the Good Wife. It is not showing up in a perfectly tailored suit, delivering academy award worthy closing arguments to a jury, or negotiating high profile agreements in a fancy boardroom. This may be the life of some lawyers, but mine is a bit different....

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Home Alone: A case study in Criminal and Tort Law

Many families have certain movies that are tradition to watch during the holidays. One of my family's favorites is Home Alone. For those of you who have not seen this wonderful classic, I will give you a short synopsis. The movie revolves around the McCallister family and their son Kevin. It starts out with the family packing for their vacation to Paris for the holidays. The family wakes up late and in the rush of getting to the airport, they accidentally leave their son, Kevin, home alone....

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