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As entrepreneurs, sometimes the hardest step is the first one. There are many questions that need answered, and if you skip a step in setting up your business structure you could leave yourself exposed to unnecessary risk. White Law Office can help you take those first steps of turning your dream into reality.

White Law Office’s Small Business Team can:

Advise you on the form of and set up your corporate structure.

Register you with local, state, and federal entities.

Work with your business lender to build a business plan that can open up a line of credit.

Build a plan for the good and lean times that keep your business relationships, both internal and external, confident and strong.

Provide advice and test your strategies for early success.

Draft contracts and provide personalized templates that are consistent with your identity.

Perform back ground checks on your credit accounts and help you maintain a healthy accounts receivable.

Set up your small business so that it has a strategy for growth.

Protect your vision from the unforeseen by recommending insurance packages that can keep your personal property safe while you build you dream into a reality

White Law Office has a passion for helping small business owners get a firm footing as they start off. Our experienced and dedicated team is amplified through a network of strategic partners that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to entrepreneurs who are just starting their journey.

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