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Summer Employment

When it comes to summer employment White Law Office loves to give our community students an opportunity to gain experience during their school breaks. Because the demand is so high and we only have a limited number of spots each year please observe the following:
Law Students
1). If you are a law student seeking summer employment please apply at the OSBA rural internship program. White Law Office works closely with OSBA as a summer placement location.
2). If you are a law student that has applied with OSBA and were not accepted then please send your resume and a cover letter explaining why it would be important for me to choose you to work at White Law Office this summer. You may send these documents to
High School and College Students
1). Please send me your resume and a cover letter explaining why you would like summer employment at White Law Office. Please explain what your goals would be while working for White Law Office.
2). You may send these documents to
Please note: I will be looking at resumes and cover letters throughout the months of March and April and will begin hiring at the end of April and beginning of May. If you are applying after these dates you may be considered in 2022.
Thank you,
Jaime White, HR

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