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Are you facing criminal charges for the first time in your life? You may be overwhelmed by the harsh process of the criminal justice system and the serious penalties that you may face, but you do not have to face these obstacles alone. Our experienced team of attorneys is committed to providing you with strong, effective legal protection every step of the way. Our team at the White Law Office is dedicated to helping those charged with criminal offenses throughout Ohio. We are relentless in achieving our goal of getting you the best outcome possible.

Fighting for you

We understand the stress and confusion that criminal charges can bring, and it is wise to seek the help of a lawyer even before formal charges have been filed against you. We have helped guide people all over Ohio to favorable outcomes in their cases. You have rights and we will fight to protect them both in and out of the courtroom so that you can face your future with hope.

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Our team of attorneys and legal staff are equipped and ready to handle the following types of Criminal Law:











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