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Serving Landowners All Over Ohio
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Would you feel comfortable placing the fate of property in the hands of a firm who also represents large energy companies interested in your land?

With principals deeply rooted in trust and integrity, we wouldn’t. That’s why we made the conscious decision to limit representation to [public and private] landowners at our inception.

We are proud to have earned the trust of the Ohio Farm Bureau as an advocate representing Ohio landowners and mineral right holders.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to facilitate your journey through the energy industry. From lease negotiations to courtroom litigation, our goal is to help your journey be profitable and steer you clear of hazards along the way.

Let's be proactive

We believe the key to protection is proactivity. Our energy team is accomplished in proactively tackling the wide range of issues landowners may face.

Negotiations - Leases (amendments & renewals), Sales and Acquisitions

We understand that your land is [important]. When presented with a contract that will affect your land, we believe landowners deserve to feel confident in their understanding of the contract’s terms and, most importantly, the immediate and long-term effects that could impact you and your family for generations to come.

Royalty Audits & Compensation

Our energy team strives to help you protect what you’ve worked hard for, all while working to maximize bonus payments and royalties.

Oil and Gas Practice:

Mineral Rights

Amendments to Oil and Gas Lease





New & Old




Royalties & Compensation



Easements / Right of Ways

Solar, Wind, and Beyond:




Length of Time

Effect to Future Owners & Sale of Property

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