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Growth & Strategy

Small Business ownership is not a destination, it is a journey.
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If your small business has survived past the first 5 years, you are in a select group. Being able to survive as a small business owner takes intelligent, determination, grit, and some luck. To be successful as a small business owner it takes a vision, strategy for success, and a strong network of trusted advisors. White Law Office can help you move from surviving as a small business owner to having a plan for thriving as small business owner.

Trust our experienced small business team and network of strategic partners to help you with:

Planning and Projections

Expansion Analysis

Market Comparison

Risk Analysis

Executive Summary

Investor/Lender Synopsis

1, 3 & 5 Year Plans

Team Building and Leadership Training

Structure & Compliance

Human Resources

Corporate Books

Internal & External Contracts

Budgeting & Profit/Loss Analysis

Credit Applications

Account Receivables

Personality and Emotional Intelligence Analysis and Education

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