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A cool-headed approach to Reaching a Deal
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A negotiator has to be an artist and a scientist. Negotiations is an art form, in that no two negotiations are the same. Negotiations is a science, in that learning to read the signs and apply prior experience can lead to the proper application of pressure in a settlement or deal. White Law Office, Co.’s skilled negotiators developed their skills by reaching settlements and deals in the areas of litigation, business, property, pipelines, and leasing. White Law Office, Co. comes to a negotiation with knowledge of the matter, the client, the market, and the opposing party.

Areas of Negotiation

Energy - Leasing, Pipeline, Royalties, Mineral Sales

Property - Buying and Selling

Litigation Settlements

Divorce and Dissolution Settlements

Custody and Shared Parenting Plans

Business Contracts and Acquisitions

Criminal Defense - Plea Deals

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