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What is the White Law Office Annual Small Business Conference?

The White Law Office Small Business Conference (SBC) began eight years ago with the idea of connecting local business owners, their teams, and entrepreneurs with local resources. We, at White Law Office, firmly believe in the potential of the small business community. We also believe that we have a wealth of talent and resources in our communities that can help small businesses succeed. As navigating the legal, financial, risk management, and regulatory environments around small businesses have become more complicated, we saw a need to provide education and empowerment to local small business leaders. What began with thirty people in a conference room hearing from a handful of speakers eight years ago, has grown into several hundred owners, leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs gathering yearly to hear from a dozen local speakers, teachers, and service providers that have the goal of making their business as successful as possible. The reason we choose local resources to speak and teach at the SBC is because of observations we made attending other business conferences. So many times, we go to a large conference and hear from a recognized speaker, and we feel inspired to make a change. But when we turn to implement the change and have questions, we can't access that speaker. They live halfway across the country, have an entourage of public relations people, and we don't know where to start to reach out to them with our most basic question. The reason we choose local resources is we want attendees of the SBC to know they can...

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Does Your Business Have the Insurance It Needs?

Holmes County, Ohio, is home to many successful small businesses and is the area's leading small business development area. You or a loved one may be part of a small business success story. One word that may make small business owners cringe is "insurance." Have you reviewed your small business insurance policy lately? Do you have an insurance policy for your small business? Are you protected from potential lawsuits that may negatively impact your business? You may be asking yourself, should I have a small business insurance policy to protect my small business and me individually? The answer to all of these questions is "Yes!" The litigation team at White Law Office, Co. has helped many small businesses and small business owners in Commercial-Defense Litigation. In the past, we have helped small businesses and small business owners who find themselves involved in complex litigation. We have helped small business owners in wrongful death claims. Cases that we have been involved with in the past can range from small medical claims to wrongful death claims. No matter the situation you may face as a small business owner, you need to make sure you are adequately insured and that you are legally protected. During our representation of small businesses in complex litigation, we often find that small businesses in Holmes County, as well as surrounding counties, are either underinsured or do not have any insurance at all. We here at White Law Office, Co. advise all of our small business clients to immediately...

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Creating Value vs. Creating Something Valuable

So much of our journey is wrapped up in value creation, that we neglect to create something that is valuable. But the journey to creating something valuable starts where the journey to create value ends. And for a business to truly be valuable it must be able to continue to generate value if the original primary value generator is gone....

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The Lost Art of Conversation

White Law Office

When is the last time you had a great conversation? Because we live in an age of texts and emails, it sometimes feels like great conversations are a thing of the past. I will be the first to say that I am a big fan of technology, especially when I can consolidate a half hour phone call into a three-word text, but all of this technology means less time having conversations. And then to further complicate matters, we seem to be living in a time when we are more divided than ever. ...

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Past Due

For many small business owners, talking about accounts receivable is about as much fun as being stuck in a traffic jam on vacation. Although there are a few brave souls who truly enjoy collecting past due invoices, for many, it is simply a part of doing business that they would rather avoid. Because collecting past due invoices is not on most people’s list on how to have a good time, many business owner take the following approach: ...

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