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What is the White Law Office Annual Small Business Conference?

The White Law Office Small Business Conference (SBC) began eight years ago with the idea of connecting local business owners, their teams, and entrepreneurs with local resources. We, at White Law Office, firmly believe in the potential of the small business community. We also believe that we have a wealth of talent and resources in our communities that can help small businesses succeed. As navigating the legal, financial, risk management, and regulatory environments around small businesses have become more complicated, we saw a need to provide education and empowerment to local small business leaders. What began with thirty people in a conference room hearing from a handful of speakers eight years ago, has grown into several hundred owners, leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs gathering yearly to hear from a dozen local speakers, teachers, and service providers that have the goal of making their business as successful as possible. The reason we choose local resources to speak and teach at the SBC is because of observations we made attending other business conferences. So many times, we go to a large conference and hear from a recognized speaker, and we feel inspired to make a change. But when we turn to implement the change and have questions, we can't access that speaker. They live halfway across the country, have an entourage of public relations people, and we don't know where to start to reach out to them with our most basic question. The reason we choose local resources is we want attendees of the SBC to know they can...

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There’s Something About Community

I went to law school in Virginia Beach. While there, I was often asked whether I liked living in Ohio (because apparently, a few people don't). But I did, which is why, no matter where I've traveled, I've always come back home. There's just something here, in the rural countryside of Ohio, that I have not found anywhere else. It's hard to explain if you haven't experienced it. Part of it may be that rural Ohio - Holmes County specifically - has retained some of the old-fashioned charms of simpler days. But it's not just that the county has the largest population of Amish in the country, or that I grew up here. What I truly love about my home is that I am part of a community larger than my friend group, larger than my street address, even larger than my county. The dictionary offers two definitions of community "1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. 2. A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals." Many places in the world have (1), few truly have (2). One of the common interests that creates the community around here is farming. Growing up, it seemed all my friends either lived on a farm or wanted to live on one. My family was more of the in-between, owning a "hobby farm" but wanting the "real deal." As my younger siblings choose careers, I see...

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Making a Difference in the Community

  We're coming into the home stretch of 2018 and all businesses are thinking about how 2018 will finish out and what 2019 will look like, and possibly setting time aside to review a proposed budget and figuring out goals. White Law Office is no different. We're focused on that as well, but we are also going to focus on what the business can do for the community and how each of us has the capability to make the lives of others better. I've personally felt challenged after attending a recent conference in New Orleans. I never expected to attend a conference designed for attorneys and to be challenged as a person and feel like I need to do something to make the world a better place. Bryan Stevenson, New York Times Best Selling Author of Just Mercy, delivered a speech that was an emotional rollercoaster for many in the audience. One moment he had you almost in tears and the next you were laughing. One of the cases he talked about was that of a ten-year-old boy that was being tried as an adult. The little boy had accidentally shot his mother's boyfriend. The boyfriend had beaten the mother and the boy thought she was dead. There was a handgun that the boyfriend kept by his bed and the little boy remembered this. The boyfriend was asleep and the little boy got the gun and held the gun at the man. The man woke suddenly and startled the boy who then...

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