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Advice for Law Students

I graduated from law school in May of 2018, so the law school experience is still fresh in my mind. Fresher still is the paralyzing doom surrounding the bar exam (my thoughts and prayers are with all those who are sitting or who just sat for the July bar exam). I'm sure that every attorney will have a different perspective on what they learned from law school, and things they should've/could've/would've done differently. There is no failproof way to learn everything you need to learn while in law school; frankly, it's impossible. You can't take every class, do every practicum, or every internship – and even if you could, there is nothing except actually practicing law that will prepare you for the practice of law. Even the best internships cannot fully prepare you (although some can give you a very good start). However, hindsight is 20/20. Based on my own experience, here are a few tips and pointers for those knee-deep in finals, outlines, and law reviews: Take practical classes and practicums/internships as much as possible. Bar prep classes enabled me to learn a majority of subjects tested on the bar exam, but not necessarily much for the practice of law itself. I did not take as many bar prep subjects in law school, to focus on subjects I wanted to learn. If I could go back, I would have taken a few more practical, hands-on classes (trial advocacy, drafting contracts, etc.) Although it is extremely important to be well-prepared for the...

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6 Tips for Law Students

There is no formula for success. You know yourself better than anyone. There is no "one size fits all" approach to success. My suggestions? Take an upperclassman to coffee and pick their brain on what did and did not work for them. Be open with your classmates on how you are preparing and they will do the same. Be sure to take advantage of your school's peer tutoring services and try out a study group or two....

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