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Divorce Questions & Answers

At White Law Office, Co., it is our mission to help educate and empower our clients in understanding their complex legal matters. Often, we see similar questions arise from clients when one is facing the possibility of a divorce or dissolution of marriage. Included herein is a list of common family law questions that our office is routinely asked.  What is the difference between a divorce and a legal separation?             A divorce in Ohio is a contested termination of a marriage by judgment of a court. It may only be granted upon a finding of a fault-based ground which includes: Bigamy (the act of going through a marriage ceremony while already married to another person);Extreme cruelty; Adultery; Willful absence of the adverse party of one year;Fraudulent contract;Habitual drunkenness Gross neglect of duty; and, Imprisonment of the adverse party in a state or federal correctional institution when the complaint for divorce is filed. When pursuing a legal separation, one would file a petition in the court of proper jurisdiction. Not only do the parties must agree to pursue a legal separation, but the parties must agree on everything in relation to the division of assets and debts in pursuing a legal separation. Once a legal separation is granted, the parties may live separate and apart. However, their marriage is not legally terminated as they are still legally married after a legal separation is granted by the court. As such, the parties cannot remarry.  My spouse and I agree on the division of everything, should we still pursue a divorce?...

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I need a divorce, but where do I start?

One of the most difficult questions that one may ask themselves is, “I need a divorce, but where do I start?” Unfortunately, this is a question that you or a loved one may be asking yourself. Here at White Law Office, Co. we strive to help individuals understand their options and bring peace of mind when facing such tough questions. When facing this tough question, the first option that we discuss with clients is one that White Law Office, Co. strongly suggests and recommends. We strongly suggest that the individuals first attempt mediation. There is an abundance of mediation services throughout the region. In an attempt to save the marriage, we strongly encourage parties to seek mediation first.  However, mediation may not be the best option for you. Depending upon your situation and the issues that you are facing, your starting point may defer. Under Ohio law, there are several options for dissolving a marriage. For instance, a divorce may not be the right choice for you or your loved one. Instead, it may be best for you or your loved one to pursue a dissolution or legal separation.   When you and your spouse cannot agree as to whether the marriage should be dissolved, and a dispute arises between the parties involving marital/ separate property or custody of the minor children, a divorce action may be appropriate. The first step in the divorce process is to draft all the necessary pleadings- including but not limited to:   1.     The Complaint for Divorce; 2.     Motion for Temporary Orders (if necessary); 3.     Required...

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