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Title & Closing (Real Estate)

From contract to closing
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Real Estate and Title Law

White Law Office, d/b/a Walnut Ridge Title, is able to take you from contract to closing when buying and selling real estate.

Our local Associates along with our experienced closing team can:

Draft a contract that reflects the uniqueness of your property

Market your property and mineral rights to potential buyers

Work with your realtor

Search, analyze, and cure any title issues as well as issues with title commitments

Work with mortgage holders and lenders

Act as escrow agents for all funds and documents

Perform closings at any of three offices or at a location that works for you

Transfer and record the sale in the appropriate county offices

Issue title insurance to protect your investment

White Law Office is underwritten by First American and can insure your residential and commercial investments. For more information on closing costs and insurance premiums go to walnutridgetitle.com.

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